How To Analyze A Website With Lighthouse Tools?

Why use Lighthouse?

As developers, we need to analyze the websites we develop to make different improvements to provide users and other developers with a better experience. In this regard, Lighthouse is a good development tool that can analyze websites for developers. Lighthouse can Analyze the website in many aspects, including performance, accessibility, whether programming uses the best practices, search engine optimization (SEO).

How to install Lighthouse extensions?

we need to go first google chrome extension shop,and press the "Add to Chrome" button


Click "Add Extension"


After the addition is complete, go to the website to be analyzed, open the extension located in the upper right corner of the browser, and select the Lighthouse extension.


After selecting the extension, the Lighthouse interface will pop up, press "Generate report" to analyze the website.

Generate report.png

After the analysis is completed, Lighthouse will provide a complete analysis report, including your website performance, accessibility, programming using the best practices, search engine optimization (SEO), the following will briefly introduce the four scoring criteria.


Lighthouse view.png

The performance scoring standard is mainly based on the time required for the website to generate content after the user enters the website.

The report will also provide some suggestions for developers to improve website performance

Lighthouse view2.png


Lighthouse view3.png

This test is mainly to test whether the developer's website can provide a good and easy-to-use experience for everyone (including people with disabilities), and the report also provides Guidelines for Developing Accessible Websites For developer reference.

Best Practices

Lighthouse view4.png

This test is mainly to analyze whether the developer has used some safe and correct methods to develop the website, such as whether the website uses HTTPS to ensure the security of users' browsing.

search engine optimization(SEO)

Lighthouse view5.png

Search engine optimization is mainly to test whether the developer's website follows the search engine optimization suggestions. If the website has good search engine optimization, the ranking of the website in the search engine will be higher, which will make the website easier to browse. There are ways to optimize the website. Many kinds, such as using sitemap (Sitemap), metadata (Metadata), structured data markup (JSON-LD) and so on. If you want to know more about seo technology, welcome to inquire with us